SEBA Class 10 Report Writing HSLC 2024 [Assam Board Class 10 Report Writing]

If you're seeking guidance on SEBA Class 10 Report Writing for the upcoming 2024 Assam 10th Board Examination (SEBA, HSLC), you've landed in the perfect spot. Our offerings comprise insights into report writing, drawn from past HSLC question papers. This enables you to familiarize yourself with the types of report writing questions that commonly appear in your HSLC exam. Vital Note for SEBA Class 10 Students: Report Writing Techniques. Your journey to mastering SEBA Class 10 Report Writing begins here.

SEBA Class 10 Report Writing HSLC 2024 [Assam Board Class 10 Report Writing]

SEBA Class 10 Report Writing for HSLC 2023-2024

1. Prepare a map using the information below. Do not add new information.

__________ Two thieves arrested

__________ 16 February at 13:00
__________ Dimapur

__________ Luggage of some passengers on Dibrugarh Kamakhya Express train

__________ Other passengers suspected of being arrested and handed over to Railway Police.

__________ Luggage was stolen.

Answer- Title: Two robbers arrested

Published in this newspaper

Dimapur, February 16: There are more and more robbers on the platforms and trains these days. There was also a robbery in Demapur of Dibrugarh Kamakhya Express today. Around 1:00 am, the train reached the platform.
M. and two thieves stole some passenger luggage. The passengers then began to search their luggage and luckily some passengers suspected the thief and caught them at the crime scene. The two robbers were handed over to the railway police, who searched and recovered the luggage stolen from the passengers.
444 2.
Prepare a story for your local newspaper using the information below.

-- Date: 15 February

-- Location: Nagaon Government. High School Students

-- Inter-School Quiz

-- Participating Schools 6

-- Quizmaster Conducted Efficiently

-- Kampur High School Winner

-- Nagaon Government Award. Student Union

-- The event ended with music.


Inter-School Examination

Nagaon Government.
High School Students

Nagaon, 15 Feb 2017:- Today there is joy and best teaching "Inter-School Exam" in Nagaon Government. student. Six teams from six schools participated in the competition, which started at 10:45 in the morning. Quiz Master played the game very well.
There are many known and unknown issues in competition. Finally, Kanpur High School got the highest score and declared the winner. Prizes were presented to the winners by the Nagaon Government. student. Afterwards, the event came to an end with all the staff singing the national anthem "Jana Gana Mana Adhi".
3. Football matches between two school/college teams.


(i) Date, time and place of the match

(ii) Two teams

(iii) Fair play, play by the rules

(iv) The referee has decided the match and the audience. enjoy it.

(v) Game Results


A Great Football Game


Y X High School, 16 February 2017:-

Big Football Club today and the game was played on the Q field of the school. Both teams have young, strong and talented players.
The game starts at 14:00. The game referee carefully follows the rules and regulations of the football game. The performances of both sides in this play were very exciting and the audience thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Spectators came to support their favorite team and both teams performed well.
In the first half, both sides prevailed 1-1. However, after the first half, Q Club scored another goal and won the match. The winners of the tournament and the players with good performance are given/received by the tournament manager.

4. Serious accident


(i) date, time and place

(ii) taxi collided with rickshaw

(iii) one rickshaw passenger died and 44 more seriously injured 4 incident

(v) The police came and arrested the taxi driver.

Title: Big/Terrible/Terrible Street/Road Accident


X Main Road, February 16, 2017:

Traffic is increasing in the big city today. Therefore, many situations arise in our daily life. A terrible accident occurred on the "X" highway this evening around 21:30.
From the other side, a taxi came fast and crashed/attached/hit/hit the rickshaw at that place. One rickshaw driver, struck by a speeding taxi, died at the scene, and another was seriously injured. People gathered on the field, shouting and shouting. Someone called 108 and called the police. The wounded were taken to G.
M.C.H. 108 Service Centers took the victim to General Motors (G.M.).
C.H. for autopsy. The police arrested the taxi driver and sent him to prison. There was mourning at the scene and police are looking for more information about the incident.
5. Write a report on the culture practiced in your school/college

(i) Date and time of the event


(iii) Program hosted by the principal - singing, reading, dancing, etc.

( iv ) ) President's Message

(Five) Event Closing


Various cultural events were held

X High School Secretary Y introduced

X Our school Phag Siap, 4 4 4174 Today, February 4th school every year prepared/made a colorful program for high schools. The event starts at 9 am. Bajit with Mahapurusha Sankadev.
The honorary president of our school assumed the presidency/opening of the event. All students of our school participated in many fun/fun/colorful activities. The first stage is the most famous performance, "Save the Greatest River". Later, some students sang "Bhupendra Sangreet", "Bhupendra Song" and daily songs. There was also an excellent interpretation of Debakanta Barua's Sagar Dekhisa.
Many students are also interested in modern and classical dance. This work is also supported by other activities such as writing and drawing, debating and sports competitions. After the beautiful performances, the school principal made a speech. It encourages students and teaches them to shine/shine/shine in education, dance, music, sports, crafts and more. Later, the secretary thanked all the students who supported this event.
Finally, the event ends with the singing of the national anthem "Janaganamana" and the event ends.

6. A reporter is sent to follow up on a bank robbery. He wrote the following words in his book. Use this information to write a story for her newspaper.
16 Feb 18:30

Sonapur - 25km
S.B.I. Guwahti robbery bank branch - five robbers in a jeep - siphoned Rs. 1 million rupees --- Cashier protected --- Shot dead -- Police investigation ongoing --- No arrest made.

S.B.I. by a daring robbery. Bank, Sonapur

Written by: Journalist

Sonapur, 16 February 2017:- The robbery/robbery is very dangerous today. Within 24 hours, many cases of theft occurred in other states.
One of the most dangerous/scary heists ever took place in the S.B.I. Bank, Sonapur, around 13:30.
M. In broad daylight. A group of five thieves went to S.B.I. in the jeep.
Sonapur Bank. They created fear (no fear) among the bank employees and forced the teacher to send all the money. However, the cashier resisted and they shot and killed the cashier who died at the scene. They took about 1 million rupees and fled there. The director immediately informed the police, they came and they are currently investigating.

Answer- Bold burglaries/robbery

Reported by a journalist

Lakhimpur, 17 August 2015:

A group of 15 robbers broke into a house at 1:00/1:00 am last night. They broke into the house and broke the door. Moreover, the owner of the house forced him to open the keys for the money and jewelry in the wardrobe.
He doesn't agree at first, but agrees to hand over the keys when a group of robbers hold a gun to his head. The thieves/thieves escaped with about $2 million and some jewellery. Neighbors, who heard voices inside the house, were frightened when they saw the gun and could not pass. A few minutes later, the police were notified and the police launched an investigation. But so far no one has been arrested.
8. Celebrate independence day at your school/college.

(i) Flag hoisting of the principal

(ii) Singing the National Anthem

(iii) Speech by the Principal

(iv) Other speakers including students

(v) 4 4 4 Day 4 Success 4 From Special News

X High School, 15th August 2016: 15th of August is celebrated as Independence Day all over India. Like everywhere else, X High School celebrated at school today. At 9 o'clock in the morning all the teachers, students and other staff of the school arrived.
First, the principal of the school raised the national flag and all the employees sang the national anthem. The President then made a speech and explained the importance of Independence Day. He also taught us to have freedom for our country. Some teachers and members, including students, are addressed after the President/President. Everyone talks about the fair value of freedom and recommends saving it at all costs.
After the chairman/chairman made the announcement, the event/event ended at 11:00.

9. To write a news for a newspaper, fill in the information below.
(I) Fire Fire
(II) Clock - A Slum: - IV) 0444 (II) (II House Damaged --- 7 people injured - precaution possible - four fire trucks at night - police wanted to check in.


An emergency fire in Guwahati

Reported by a journalist

Guwahati; 16 February 2017: Fire broke out in Gunnight.mid slum.
The people in the area were sleeping and all the shops, houses big and small, and more than fifty houses were destroyed before they could do anything. Seven workers were asleep and were burned alive below. Then someone called the fire department and four fire trucks were attacked at night and could not be brought under control until the morning. The damage was about 1.5 rupees nuclear and many other valuables were destroyed.
Many suspect that the cause of the accident is a short circuit. Guwahati City has ordered a judicial investigation into the incident. Now, that place has yet to lead to the tragic moment.


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