AHSEC Class 12 Finance Solved Question Paper 2013 PDF - [H.S 2nd Year Finance Solved Paper]

Are you a student preparing for the AHSEC Class 12 Finance exam? Searching for the AHSEC Class 12 Finance Solved Question Paper 2013? Look no further! In this page, we will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the AHSEC H.S 2nd Year Finance Solved Question Paper 2013. The Assam Higher Secondary Education Council (AHSEC) conducted this examination, making this solved question paper an invaluable resource for your exam preparation.

AHSEC Class 12 Finance Solved Question Paper 2013 PDF - [H.S 2nd Year Finance Solved Paper]

Overview: AHSEC Class 12 Finance Solved Question Paper 2013

- Board: Assam Higher Secondary Education Council (AHSEC)

- Class: 12th

- Year: 2013

- Exam Mode: Offline

- Subject: Business Studies

- Solution: AHSEC Class 12 Finance Studies Solved Question Paper 2013

Category: AHSEC Solved Question Papers

AHSEC HS 2nd Year Finance Solved Question Paper 2013

Full Marks: 100
Time: 3 hours
The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions.

1. Answer as directed:          1x10=10

a) In which year State Bank of India was established?

Ans: 1955

b) Who issues one rupee notes?

Ans: Ministry of Finance

c) What do you mean by unit banking?

Ans: Unit banking refers to a banking system in which a single bank operates independently, without any branches. In a unit banking system, each bank functions as a separate entity, serving its customers from a single location or branch. Unit banks do not have a network of branches in different geographic locations, and they are not affiliated with other banks.

d) Define promissory note.

Ans: A promissory note is a financial instrument that contains a written promise from one party (the issuer or maker) to pay a specific sum of money to another party (the payee) at a predetermined date or upon demand. Promissory notes are legally binding and typically include details such as the principal amount, interest rate (if applicable), maturity date, terms of repayment, and the names and signatures of the parties involved.

e) IMF was established in the year 1944 / 1945 / 1946 (choose the correct year)

f) Write the full form of MMMFs.

Ans: Money Market Mutual Funds

g) What is order cheque?

Ans: An order cheque is a type of check that is payable to a specific person or entity named on the face of the check. It includes the words "or order" or "to the order of" followed by the payee's name. An order cheque can only be cashed or deposited by the payee whose name is written on the check, or it can be further endorsed (signed on the back) by the payee to transfer it to someone else. Order cheques provide a higher level of security because they can only be negotiated by the designated payee or their authorized representative.

h) Capital Market is the market for long term funds. (State whether true or false)                           True

2. Give the meaning of Cash Reserve Ratio.                         2

Ans: The Cash Reserve Ratio (CRR) is a monetary policy tool used by a country's central bank (such as the Reserve Bank of India in India) to regulate the liquidity in the banking system. It refers to the percentage of a bank's total deposits that must be kept in the form of cash reserves with the central bank. By adjusting the CRR, the central bank can control the amount of money that banks have available for lending to customers.

3. Name two private sector banks in India.                2

Ans: ICICI Bank, InudsInd Bank.

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Q1: Are these solved question papers helpful for the current year's exam preparation?

Ans:- Yes, while exam patterns may change slightly, practicing with solved papers gives you a strong foundation in concepts and problem-solving.

Q2: Can I rely solely on solved papers for my exam preparation?

Ans:- While solved papers are excellent resources, complement them with textbooks, notes, and other study materials for comprehensive preparation.


In conclusion, AHSEC Class 12 Finance Solved Question Paper 2013 is an Important resource for your exam preparation. It provides you with insights into the exam pattern, helps you practice effectively, and boosts your confidence. Utilize ProEduNotes to easily access and download this valuable resource, enhancing your chances of achieving excellent results in your AHSEC Class 12 Finance exam. Remember, diligent preparation paves the way for success!

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